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Key Guidance


Assessment of economic impacts and benefits

Assessment of State significant projects includes consideration of potential economic benefits including employment generation and investment in local goods and services, and potential negative economic outcomes including increasing demands on Council infrastructure and flow on effects associated with construction. The following policies and guidance should be considered when assessing economic impacts.

NSW Government 24-Hour Economy Strategy  

This strategy recognises the collaborative and coordinated effort between NSW government, local councils, industry, and communities in building a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and safe 24-hour economy across the Six-Cities region. Its built around key strategic pillars to provide more integrated planning and place-making, encourage diversification of night-time activities, support industry and cultural economic development and improve connectivity between precincts through safe and reliable transport.  

View the Strategy Guidelines

Guidelines for the Economic Assessment of Mining and Coal Seam Gas Proposals

These guidelines provide the standard required when assessing the economic benefits of State significant projects in the mining and coal seam gas industries. The guidelines establish the role that cost benefit analysis has within the assessment process in identifying the economic benefits of State significant projects when compared against a local effects analysis to highlight impacts on local communities.

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Last updated: 02/11/2023