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Key Guidance


Assessment of soil and sustainable land use

The effective and sustainable use of land involves matching site conditions with the specific requirements and potential impacts of different land uses. Assessment of State significant projects considers the potential hazards, limitations and management requirements associated with specific land uses to make informed decisions. The following guidance should be considered when assessing suitable land uses for State significant projects.

Crown land in New South Wales

It is common that Crown land, roads and waterways will adjoin a project proposal or be contained within a project proposal. It is important to note that authority to use and access Crown land, roads and waterways is required under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 and the Roads Act 1993.  Any required authorisation must be in place prior to a project/development beginning.

Crown land is also subject to Aboriginal land interests, including Aboriginal land claims under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 and native title under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). Any proposal on Crown land will need to address consistency with these interests.

The following resources are designed to assist applicants and landholders to understand how to identify the presence of Crown land, roads or waterway and the requirements that will need to be addressed to gain an authorisation.

View the Spatial Viewer

Order a search on the status of Crown land from DPE - Crown Lands

View Crown Land Guidelines and factsheets

The Land and Soil Capability Scheme

The scheme uses the biophysical features of the land and soil to derive detailed rating tables for varied land and soil hazards. These support a range of sustainable land uses and management practices.

View the Scheme

Soil and Land Survey Handbooks

The handbooks set standards for all aspects of land resource survey in Australia. Individual volumes address field procedures and terminology, guidelines for conducting surveys, soil chemical and physical measurement methods, and soil classification.

View the Handbooks

Agricultural Land Use Mapping Resources in NSW

These resources are designed to assist proponents and landholders understand what is required in NSW to identify the existence of biophysical strategic agricultural land (BSAL) for land use planning purposes.  Included are the technical requirements for the on-site identification and mapping of BSAL, current datasets and terminology used to map agricultural lands and resources that support agriculture.

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Interim Protocol for Site Verification and Mapping of Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land

The interim protocol outlines the process for seeking verification of whether land mapped as BSAL meets the criteria.

View the Protocol

Acid Sulfate Soils Manual

The manual outlines best practice in assessing and managing the impacts of proposed works in areas likely to contain acid sulfate soils (ASS) and provides guidance for on-site management and disposal.

View the Manual

Last updated: 14/12/2023