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SSI Process

Determine SSI

Making a final decision on the merits of an SSI project


The Minister for Planning is the approval authority for all Critical State significant infrastructure (CSSI) applications and cannot delegate this function to anyone else under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).

While the Minister is also the approval authority for State significant infrastructure (SSI) applications, he has delegated this function to senior officers in the Department for SSI applications where:

  • the local council has not objected to the project
  • less than 25 submitters have objected to the project
  • the proponent has not made a reportable political donation.

When determining an SSI application, approval authorities must evaluate the merits of the SSI project against the matters in Section 5.19 of the EP&A Act and may approve the carrying out of the project, subject to modifications or conditions, or disapprove of it.

After the determination of an SSI application, the Department will:

  • publish the decision online
  • give public notice of the reasons for the decision and how community views were taken into account in making the decision.