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Post Consent Certificates

Online Section 10.7 Planning Certificate Service

Our department released a new digital service enabling customers to apply online to councils for a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate.

A section 10.7 Planning Certificate was previously known as a Section 149 Certificate. The Certificate  provides information regarding the development potential of a parcel of land. There are 2 types of Section 10.7 Planning Certificates.

A Section 10.7(2) certificate shows the zoning of the property, its relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property constraints such as land contamination, level of flooding and bushfire prone land.

Section 10.7(2) and 10.7(5) certificate provides the same information as above. It also includes advice from other authorities and certain information a Council holds on a property that is relevant to the land but is not disclosed in a Section 10.7(2) certificate.

The Online 10.7 Planning Certificate Service, allows applicants and councils to work together on requests for 10.7 Planning Certificates through shared digital dashboards. The service is not mandatory but is available in those local government areas where councils choose to adopt it.

The Online 10.7 Planning Certificate Service will be integrated with other digital services on the NSW Planning Portal. This will enable customers to use their online 10.7 application to start either a Development Application (DA) or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Application. The reverse is also possible: customers will be able to use their DA or CDC application to start an online 10.7 application. 

How to apply online

  1. Register for a NSW Planning Portal account to start your application.
  2. Log in to complete the online application form.
Last updated: 14/12/2023