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SSI Process

Assessment of SSI

Evaluating the merits of an SSI project

Assessment of state significant infrastructure (SSI)

The assessment process for SSI applications is guided by government legislation, plans, policies and guidelines. It involves:

  • reviewing the design of the project
  • considering if the project will fulfill the purpose it was proposed for
  • checking if the project complies with statutory requirements
  • additional community engagement if required
  • seeking advice from government agencies and independent experts
  • asking the applicant for additional information
  • considering any advice from the Independent Planning Commission
  • assessing the economic, environmental and social impacts of the project
  • evaluating the benefits of the project as a whole
  • preparing recommended conditions of consent if needed

Information gathered during this process is combined into an assessment report for the Planning Secretary. The Secretary then passes the report on to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and it is used to help decide if the application should be approved