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community committees

Community Consultative Committees

Independent Chairperson

Ensuring CCCs are open and fair

All Community Consultative Committees (CCCs) for State significant projects are chaired by an Independent Chairperson appointed by the Department.

The Independent Chairperson of a CCC has a crucial role to play in establishing the CCC and ensuring it provides a robust forum for discussion between the proponent, community, key stakeholders and the local council.

In fulfilling this role, the independent chairperson must be:

  • a convenor, facilitator, mediator and advisor to the CCC
  • independent and impartial at all times
  • the key contact between the CCC and the Department.


The Independent Chairperson is responsible for:

  • overseeing the establishment of the CCC
  • ensuring the committee operates effectively in a fair way
  • convening and setting the agenda for meetings
  • supervising the preparation and publication of the minutes of meetings
  • reporting annually to the Department on the operation of the CCC
  • reviewing the CCCs effectiveness
  • ensuring members comply with the code of conduct
  • trying to resolve disputes between members.


The Department has established a pool of Independent Chairpersons for CCCs, comprising members with extensive expertise in facilitating community engagement.

The Department is responsible for appointing the chairperson of specific CCCs from this pool and reviewing the performance of this chairperson over time.

If the proponent or more than half the community representatives have concerns about the conduct or performance of an Independent Chairperson they may refer the matter to the Department for investigation.

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