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community committees

Community Consultative Committees

CCC Guidelines

Ensuring CCCs operate effectively

The Department is committed to providing increased opportunities for community participation in State significant projects and encourages proponents to engage with the community and other key stakeholders at all stages of these projects.

For many years, Community Consultative Committees (CCCs) have played an important role in ensuring proponents undertake effective community engagement on complex projects.

Purpose of CCCs

CCCs provide a forum for discussion between the proponent of a State significant project and representatives of the community, stakeholder groups and the local council on issues relating directly to specific projects.

Although a CCC is not a decision-making or regulatory body, it performs an important advisory and consultative role.

The purpose of a CCC is to:

  • establish good working relationships and promote information sharing between the proponent, local community, stakeholder groups and councils on State significant projects
  • allow the proponent to keep the community informed about projects, seek community views on projects and respond to matters raised by the community
  • allow the community to seek information from the proponent and give the proponent feedback on projects to assist with the delivery of balanced economic, environmental and social outcomes for the community.

Establishment of CCCs

If the Department decides a CCC is necessary, it will require a proponent to establish the committee either:

  • early in the assessment process through the Planning Secretary’s environmental assessment requirements for the project
  • following approval through the conditions of approval for the project.

The CCC will be chaired by an Independent Chairperson appointed by the Department and include up to seven representatives from the community, a council representative and up to three representatives from the community.

Once established, the CCC will meet on a regular basis to discuss the project.

CCC Guidelines

The Department has published guidelines to clarify the role and responsibilities of CCCs, guide the establishment and operation of CCSs and ensure these CCCs operate effectively.

These guidelines will be reviewed every five years to ensure they remain up to date.

Click below to view a copy of the CCC guidelines.