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SSD process

Amend DA

Changing what the applicant is seeking approval for

With the agreement of the Planning Secretary, the applicant of a State significant development application (DA) may amend what it is seeking approval for at any time before the DA is determined.

These amendments may be necessary to:

  • improve the design of the project
  • respond to issues raised in submissions or further community engagement
  • reduce the impacts of the project.

The Department will require the applicant to submit an Amendment Report with any amended DA.

The purpose of the Amendment Report is to outline the changes to the project and help the community, Government agencies and the consent authority to understand the implications of these changes.

In preparing the Amendment Report, the Applicant may:

  • refine the design of the project
  • undertake further engagement with the community and Government agencies
  • undertake further assessment
  • update the evaluation of the merits of the project to incorporate the findings of any further assessment or engagement.

Once complete, the Department must submit the Assessment Report online.

The Department will publish the amended DA and Amendment Report; and in some circumstances, may exhibit and seek public submissions on the Amendment Report.

If the Amendment Report is exhibited, the Department will publish all submissions online and ask the applicant to prepare a Submissions Report.

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