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The SSD process

Assess DA

Evaluating the merits of the SSD project

After publishing the submissions report, the department will complete its assessment of the merits of the project in accordance with government legislation, policies and guidelines and prepare an assessment report.

This will typically involve:

  • reviewing the design of the project
  • considering whether the project is compatible with the strategic context
  • checking whether the project complies with any relevant statutory requirements
  • further community engagement
  • seeking advice from government agencies and independent experts
  • requesting additional information from the applicant
  • considering the findings of any public hearing into the project (if held)
  • assessing the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the project against relevant standards and criteria
  • evaluating the merits of the project as a whole
  • preparing recommended conditions of consent (if warranted).

Once complete, the department will publish assessment report online and ask the consent authority to determine the project.