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SSD process

Prepare EIS

Assessing the impacts of a project with community engagement

All State significant development applications (DA) must be accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The applicant is required to prepare this EIS in accordance with the Planning Secretary’s environmental assessment requirements (SEARs).

The purpose of the EIS is to assess the economic, environmental and social impacts of the project to help the community, government agencies and the consent authority make informed submissions or decisions on the merits of the project.

The preparation of the EIS will typically involve:

  • engaging with the community and government agencies
  • refining the design of the project to avoid or minimise impacts
  • assessing the impacts of the project in accordance with the SEARs and any relevant Government legislation, policies and guidelines
  • integrating the findings of any engagement and the assessment of the impacts of the project
  • evaluating the merits of the project.

The EIS must be easy to understand, rigorous and as succinct as possible.

Once complete, the applicant must submit the DA and EIS online.

After receiving the DA and EIS, the Department will notify the applicant of the applicable DA fee.

After payment has been received, the Department will check the DA and EIS before putting them on public exhibition.

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