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Getting a BASIX certificate

BASIX aims to create more comfortable and cost-efficient homes.

Getting a BASIX Certificate

To obtain a BASIX Certificate to submit with your development application or complying development certificate, follow the steps below

Download and read the Data Input Checklist

Before starting the BASIX assessment, review this checklist and gather all the relevant information.

First time users, register your details

Set up a username and password. Once you have done this, you can login to the BASIX Tool (from the homepage) at any time. Register your details.

Start a new project

Once you have registered or logged in to the BASIX Tool, you will be on the "Projects portfolio" page. On this page, click on the "Start a new project" button to start entering your project information into the BASIX Tool (using the data input checklist as a base).

Reaching the BASIX targets

Click on the "Calculate" button to update your score. The BASIX Tool will calculate your score based on the information entered. Click here for information on water and energy targets you need to meet.

Review your commitments and get a BASIX Certificate

You can review your commitments before generating a BASIX Certificate. This can be done from the "Certificate page". Once you are happy with the commitments, print your Certificate and attach it to your development plans and development application and submit to Council.

The Certificate can only be printed once you have reached the BASIX targets, completed all the mandatory fields and paid the certificate fee (see the BASIX FAQs page for details of the fee payable).

Last updated: 14/03/2024